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Bed&Breakfast Private Room in Staten Island. NY

Private room
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, New York
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House - Private bath - 3 beds
Disclaimer: Please note those are the sample pictures of the Homestay. Once we receive a request with the dates we will send you the pictures of the stay we have for you. Our hosts will welcome you into their home, and before long you will feel like a member of their family. This is a great way to learn about local cultures with the help of a local guide, and you will find that your language skills improve greatly through this immersive experience. You will have your own private room, including utilities and internet. Extra services include: airport pickup and drop-off, health and liability insurance, and meal plans. We carefully screen each host family prior to placing them in our host family network. Each host family has been interviewed, screened, vetted, and background checked to ensure the highest quality standards. Living with a host family will help you adjust to life in America Services Provided A safe, clean and comfortable homestay with modest bedroom Your fully furnished room comes with everything you need (sheets, towels, desk, internet access and more) Self-prepared continental breakfast & dinner served by the host family bus stops. walking distance or up to 15 minutes -25 minutes bus ride from homestay to school; close to major area attractions A friendly home environment, kind and caring families & support while adjusting to American culture Once you are done with editing description we will need to duplicate each location 6 times and put 6 different prices (duplicate and only change the price) Bed and Breakfast with private room $price of location Half Board Private room with private room $price of location Full board with private room $price of location Bed and Breakfast with shared room $price of location Half Board Private room with shared room $price of location Full board with shared room $price of location. Application fee: $250

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"We currently provide: Rooms and meals in private homes (Homestay) Private apartments Student residences and dormitories We have a dedicated Homestay Manager at each of our destinations to service our clients."
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